Business Plan Basics For New Entrepreneurs

The concept of a business plan is one many young companies find intimidating. Others put off this vital step in forming their company, relegating it as superfluous, in an attempt to wing it and hope for the best. Neither approach esteems the full value of this tool nor the process of taking it simply, formatting the best possible strategy for each section. Though these may vary, most will contain some of the following components. Let’s dive into business plan basics.


Explanation of Vision And Objectives

Behind every successful corporation is a solid why behind what they do. It all started with a passion for something and bringing a solution to somebody’s problem. Often, a firm can get lost along the way and lose touch with their core values, and it helps to establish this clearly from the very beginning.

Knowing where you come from is essential but so is knowing where you want to go. Locating your desired outcome can help you reverse engineer how best to get there.


Projected Income Sources

The lifeblood of any successful enterprise is its revenue. To that end, you will need to determine the streams you will depend on and their particular characteristics. Are your buyers recurring, and if so, on what basis? Do they purchase at certain times of the year or once every few years? What spurs them to buy?

Part of attracting this client base involves developing a marketing campaign that will target your ideal customer. You’ll need to allocate a budget, and this can be a set dollar amount or a particular percentage.


Identify Your Unique Angle And Felt Need

Most companies have competitors, and this is because others are likely to have identified the same felt need as you. It’s crucial that you are able to carefully articulate why you are different and the reason there is space in the market for your offering.

There needs to be a reason why someone would choose to spend their dollars with you and not someone else. Work on your phrasing and logo designs until it is readily understood in an instant what it is you do. Learn about your competitors, and plan for how you’ll effectively compete with them.


Get To Know Your Customer

It’s difficult to sell to your client if you do not know who he or she is. Spend some time understanding the core values held by those with whom you wish to do business, and develop your ideal customer avatar. Your messaging will be determined by what you discover during this phase of the process, and you’ll work on targeting one specific person instead of trying to reach everyone.

Part of this will incorporate understanding their thought processes and common objections so that you can give answers for whatever it is that is holding them back. You’ll need to develop a course of action for problem areas that may arise and that can affect your customer and ways you can continue to reach them and meet their needs.

In short, your business plan is your blueprint for success, and the time you spend in its creation is an investment that is well worth your time.

Fidelman & Co helps companies interested in developing partnerships with investors, venture capitalists, and financial institutions, as they create their presentation models, providing them with the feedback they need to obtain superior results. In addition, we consult with our clients in the areas of financial consulting, and management strategies. Reach out to us today, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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Business Plan Basics For New Entrepreneurs

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