Posh Properties


Fundraising Strategy for Posh Properties


Fundraising process consulting

Type of need:

Professional pitch deck creation and design, Realistic ROI models, Narrative advisory

The Challenge

The team successfully deployed internal capital over several years, building an edge and experience in the industry. However, they never raised funds externally and wanted a professional approach that was attractive to target investors.

The first 90 days

Posh Properties was able to secure investments and launch a fund to acquire 12 properties and secure 50 long-term leases that could be leveraged for additional profit via platforms like Airbnb. This allowed the team to grow their real estate business while generating stable returns for investors.

The Solution

We worked with Posh Properties to develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy that conveyed their edge and showcased the team’s experience. We prepared the necessary collateral and advised the CEO on the best way to approach investors and communicate the value of the opportunity.