Interim CFO


CFO, COO, Recruiting, Diligence

Type of need:

Fully executed project

The Challenge

Lack of Professional Investor Presentation – Upon initial review of the investor presentation, important areas of investor interest were missing from the collateral. The presentation was sparse and did not offer the support needed to inspire action.

Weak Financial Projections – Instalend didn’t have a robust financial model to present to the investors. Therefore, potential investors were unable to align their interests to the business or see where this organization would fit in their portfolio.

Lack of Clarity Regarding Valuation – When meeting with investors, Instalend was not prepared to defend any particular valuation, creating an uneven negotiating power.

The first 90 days

Investor Presentation – At the completion of three rounds of revisions, Fidelman & Co. completed a comprehensive, affable presentation and prepared the Instalend team with an efficient tool to go to market and return with accredited investments.

Detailed Financial Model – Fidelman & Co. built a draft financial model from scratch and worked through multiple revisions to build a functional benchmark that is hyper-specific to the business, but also customizable for the future growth of the organization and other similar businesses.

Comprehensive Valuation Analysis – A complete valuation analysis determined a strong pre-money valuation, positioning the client with information that strengthened their efforts in their fundraising activities.

The Solution

Fidelman & Co. continues to provide Business Advisory services to Instalend post-raise, refining both underwriting policy guidelines and contributing to risk management activities. In the newly created dynamic pricing structures aligned to cost of debt, Instalend is prepared to manage efficiency from proactive angles.