Case Study:

Interim COO
President, COO
Type of need
Established a flexible financial model.

“With Jeffrey, he understood what I needed. He’d ask, ‘Have you thought about these things?’ Everything he mentioned, someone had asked me about and I didn’t have well-fleshed out. He understood what my need was, not what my ask was.” 

Amy Divaraniya, CEO & co-founder,  OOVA

The Challenge

Funding – While OOVA was pitching to investors trying to close their seed round, they needed stronger financial projections and data to further back it up. The challenge was to close a seed round based on financial projections and research in a way that investors would understand.

The First 90 Days

Financial Model Input – Fidelman & Co. aimed to create a model that resembled the company as closely as possible. While the expense side was relatively straightforward, the topline figures took some research. Fidelman & Co. created an assumptions tab that included the various sales methods.

The Solution

Fidelman & Co. Strategy, Operations and Fundraising Solutions successfully launched a flexible financial model based on deep market research.


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