SaaS Acquire


Comprehensive Acquisition, Roll-Up and Fundraising Strategy for SaaS Acquire


Interim CFO

Type of need:

Fundraising collateral, Financial analysis, Business improvement plans

The Challenge

The team has significant domain expertise, but lacks the financial and operational experience necessary to identify high-potential targets, conduct detailed due diligence on them, and create successful strategies for maximizing operational output.

The first 90 days

SaaS Acquire has identified multiple promising acquisition targets and is well on its way to create a market leader in the MarTech industry. Additionally, the firm used Fidelman & Co. to recognize an opportunity to acquire a potential unicorn at a discount, improve its margins, and grow it into a TeleHealth giant.

The Solution

We worked with SaaS Acquire to develop comprehensive acquisition and roll-up strategies. We
also prepared the necessary fundraising collateral that helped the firm to secure funding to execute on its plan.