Interim CFO


CFO, COO, Recruiting, Diligence

Type of need:

Fully executed project

The Challenge

Presentation Support – Upon initial review of the investor presentation materials, critical areas of investor requirements were missing from the collateral. The financial statements and financial model were insufficient in presenting this complicated financial proposition. The slide presentation was not aligned to the concept branding.

Incomplete Pricing Strategy – In initial meetings, it was discovered that the existing pricing strategy was uncertain, difficult for clients to understand, and not directly supporting the company’s revenue needs.

The first 90 days

Presentation Support – Revisions and enhancement of the financial statements, model projections and slide presentation redesign created new strengths in fundraising efforts.

Incomplete Pricing Strategy – A scalable pricing model identifying how to charge clients.

The Solution

Fidelman & Co. continues to provide Business Advisory services to companies like Sidekick, refining operations and analytics toward the goal of creating 10x revenue growth and increasing customer demand tenfold. Alongside growth support, Fidelman & Co. advises clients on the process to build for upward scalability.