Interim CFO


CFO, M&A, Due Diligence

Type of need:

Fundraise Strategy

The Challenge

The eyewear industry is competitive and Stoggles was up against some wellestablished players. They needed to make a strong case for why investors should believe in their vision and back their company.

The first 90 days

We worked with Stoggles to develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy that told their story and showcased the potential of their business. This included:

  • A pitch deck that included an overview of the company’s business model, milestones, KPIs, financial projections, and more.
  • A financial model that illustrated an overview of the company’s revenue, expenses, and profitability
  • A valuation analysis that enabled the determination of the fair market value of the company
  • A favorable capital structure that would give investors the confidence they needed to invest

The Solution

Stoggles was able to raise over $60 million in capital from leading investors. This enabled them to continue to grow their business and achieve their mission of reimagining how people care for their eyes.