Strategy and Operations. On the strategy side we can be helpful with outbound growth by building a bespoke marketing engine for our clients and either handing off the lead generation to them or continue to fill their top of funnel. We can also be helpful with fundraising strategy by assembling all the necessary materials including, presentations, financial models, market research, and valuation analysis. As for operations, we can help revise or create operating manuals, policies and procedures, underwriting manuals, and help with their implementation to ensure business continuity. 

With remote work our clients enjoy the benefit of top tier consulting work without paying for on-site delivery. Whether replacing a full-time employee role or a consulting team, F&Co. can effectively reduce our clients costs while offering equal, if not higher, value. 

With regular check-ins via video or audio, our consultants take on the responsibility of ensuring comfort for our clients and visibility of the value that they are adding. F&Co. will never disappear for days and send a bill but rather keep constant communication, setting next steps on each call, and providing updates along the way. 

Our Principals cover a wide-variety of industries and skill sets but as a common denominator, all out Principals are operators. They have at some point in their careers started and/or run a business of their own which provides them with just the right amount of empathy when working with our c-suite clients.

There is not typical team of consultants but that stated F&Co. has a total of 5 client facing roles: Growth Specialists, Research Analysts, Designers, Consultants, and Principal Consultants. 

While there is no average project the majority of short-term projects last 1-3 months while the long-term projects are typically 6-12+ months in term. 

We aim to have constant communication with our clients including submitting drafts well in advance of final delivery. With a minimum check-in cadence of once per week we supplement that with a shared google drive for each client to have 100% visibility to the work being done as well as access to leave comments and notes on the deliverables as needed. 

We offer two types of billing methodologies, both carry a performance fee which is based on the specific engagement. 

1. Hourly Rates:
Growth Specialists – $100/hr
Research Analysts – $100/hr
Designers – $100/hr
Consultants – $150/hr
Principal Consultants – $200-$400/hr

2. Weekly Rates, which are based on the engagement and deliverables. This rate is reflective of semi, part, and full-time commitments of the above roles. 

F&Co. invoices our clients every two weeks. 

One of the Principals will take care in presenting a thought out proposal to each client before assembling an engagement agreement to ensure that all expectations and deliverables are laid out before engagement. 

Take a look at our case study section to get a better sense of who we have helped companies in the past and reach out to see how we can help your company today!


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