Giving Customers What They Want Through Audience Research

When investing dollars and cents into a new product or service, the best way to reduce risk is to thoroughly do your homework prior to launching. Your aim is not to just reach your clients with an answer to a problem but to understand what makes them tick. Typically, variations like price points work in establishing a customer base but only to a point. The experience you provide will be the clincher for securing a cache of raving fans, and therefore audience research holds the key to creating sustainable revenue for you and your firm. 

Audience Research: Understanding Segments

By analyzing your audience, you can discover groups that exist within your target audience. They may all be attracted to your company based on one overall theme, but their needs can vary slightly. One good example of this is when you are helping them with a project or hobby and you have varying levels of expertise you need to cater to. 

You may decide to simply focus on one particular phase of mastery and tailor your services to them, or you can place customers in buckets with offerings appropriate to them. Drill down to details and discover the differences in these smaller components of your total. 

Audience Research: Digging Down To Core Needs

Sometimes the customer’s need is not always easily discernible. The surface problem can give clues, but you need to find answers to the questions that lie underneath. For example, common issues are that your clients are actually looking to improve social status in the world to assuage their feelings of insignificance. They may want to fit in, to find purpose, or to be of service to their fellow men and women. Help them belong, and you can forge a community. 

Some of the most famous companies in the world tap into a sense of achievement and glory which users can readily subscribe to. They construct a framework for people to sense encouragement to pursue and follow their dreams and aspirational desires. By addressing the whole package, you are more likely to connect meaningfully with those you wish to do business with. 

Audience Research, Gain Ideas For New Offerings

Without audience research, a good deal of your activity can feel a bit like reaching around in the dark and hoping to strike gold. By taking the time to crunch data and to poll your patrons, you will gain valuable insights and find new ways to serve. People will often tell you what it is they want to buy, giving you outlets for increased income when you endeavor to make these requests become a reality. 

It is also within the realm of possibility that entire subsections of your corporation can become dedicated to directions you had not previously considered. In addition, it is commonly the case that you are primed to slightly alter your focus to produce ancillary products that can experience tremendous success and generate healthy revenues on the side. 

In any field in which you enter the market, you are always working with people. As such, they will have unique profiles and personalities with which you can seek to connect. By putting the human element above all else, can you personalize your approach in all aspects of your corporate culture to increase success in business as you work to serve your clientele. 

Fidelman and Co. help those in the early stages of courting investors with various aspects of planning and with the creation of strategy and presentation models. In addition, we can provide oversight in the areas of financial consulting, and management strategies. We look forward to serving you and invite you to reach out with any questions you may have. 


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Giving Customers What They Want Through Audience Research

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