Overcoming Startup Staffing Obstacles

As your enterprise grows, you will no doubt need to increase your staffing, and with this can come some startup staffing obstacles. Preparation is key, and with some hiring strategies in place, you can successfully navigate the most common challenges that startup companies face.


Filling The Wrong Needs

It is easy to look at other firms to see how they are doing it, but this approach only works well to a point. Put simply, their requirements are not the same as yours, and you will need to tailor your methods to your precise parameters.

To do this, you will need to take inventory of the processes and procedures that you need executed on a routine basis. This also must factor in the amount of time spent on each task so that you have enough hands on deck without excess. This is essential to solving startup staffing obstacles.


Creating A Culture That Doesn’t Work

You don’t want to invest blood, sweat, and tears into staffing your firm only to find that you have a corporate culture that doesn’t reflect the values you wish to represent. This is especially vital, as this can have far-reaching effects in the areas of morale and quality of work.

Take the time to map out the distinct characteristics you are looking for and how this will translate to an overall ethos and atmosphere. Let candidates know upfront the objectives you wish to work toward and what you desire in employee attitudes, ethics, and behavior.



It is understandably tricky to get the help you need when you need it, and you are going to need to give yourself room to not do everything perfectly. When you are first forming a team, there is a learning curve to testing what sort of people mesh well together, and you may need to incorporate some trial and error.

That said, it is still crucial to operate with caution and not move too quickly. It is better to find the right person than it is to do so quickly, as this can lead to costly errors. Do your homework, and resist the pressure to cave on your priorities, knowing the result will be better in the long run.


Choosing Between Talent And Experience

When money is low in the early days, it is easy to stress about not being able to put your dollars toward the most experienced staffer you can find. In the balance between survival and moving forward, err in the direction of choosing talent.

This will give people the opportunity to develop with you, and it will also instill in them a deep sense of loyalty and personal investment in your success. Inspect portfolios and their raw ability when projecting the value this person will bring to your company, knowing it will also come at a lower cost.


Be Flexible

Established enterprises tend to offer stability in terms of job roles, and it can be easy to lose heart if you cannot offer well-defined responsibilities at first, but this is completely normal. Until the ground stops shifting, you won’t be able to say definitively where one person’s range of tasks begins and ends.

For this reason, you’ll need a crew that understands that the unexpected can and will occur and that they will need to adapt. Creativity is a must as is compromise. This is key to preventing startup staffing obstacles. This can be exciting as well, as you stretch into the corporation you have envisioned.

Fidelman & Co. specializes in helping businesses craft their presentation models, giving valuable feedback so they can put their best foot forward when courting investment partners and financial institutions. We also can assist with consultation in the areas of finances and management strategies. We invite you to contact us for more information of how we can serve you, and we consider it an honor to do business with you.

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Overcoming Startup Staffing Obstacles

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