Preparing Your Narrative When Raising Capital

Investors are people, and people primarily respond to story. This is why you need to work on preparing your narrative. This is a powerful way to connect on a deep level with those with whom you wish to do business, and it is also an excellent means to make a memorable and lasting impression. You can communicate a great deal by using rich symbolism, conveying the why behind your business and infusing your potential partners with a strong sense of purpose.  Below are some principles to remember when crafting your company’s narrative.


Tell Them Why This Matters

The world of nonprofits gives us a great example that easily carries over to the realm of venture capital. Just in the same way that we can see that an organization who endeavors to deliver clean water to an area hit by dangerous waterborne disease will significantly impact the quality of life for the people in that region, your story needs to have a similar impact.

There is a market you are hoping to reach with your products or services, and the value you bring has a life-changing effect. It is vital to infuse your storytelling with the people and faces of those you are reaching with your solutions in order to reach the hearts and minds of your investors. At the end of the day, what we do is about the people we aim to serve.


Focus On Clarity

It is easy to get excited about your projects and to wish to tell every single detail, but in this respect, it is important to refrain. When you tell your story, practice by taking the longform and whittling it down to its most basic elements. When you have done this, boil it down even further.

You want to be able to create what is essentially an elevator pitch, a hook that can be understood and spoken in less than 30 seconds. It must be immediately understandable with the felt needs of the customer and your answer to that problem all wrapped up in a powerful way. The idea is to secure the interest of those who wish to work with, knowing you can get down to the nitty gritty by providing more specifics later on.


Emphasize The Promise Of Your Potential

No matter how far you’ve come, your story is still basically unfinished. You are looking to your investor to help you write the next chapter. As such, you need to craft your arc in such a way that it ends on a cliffhanger. What will happen next is up to the person seated in the chair listening to you.

You’ve set up the main characters, the conflict, and the resolution, leaving us with the conclusion hanging in the air. The idea here is to make your case so compelling that they will see their part in helping to make this thing happen, spurring them to take action. This is an interactive experience, and so, they have to be able to see that they hold the pen in their own hand and that the ability to move the story forward lies with them. This is done by showing them a horizon, replete with possibilities, waiting at their fingertips.

Fidelman & Co. brings significant experience to the table in helping to provide oversight for your journey as you court investors and financial institutions. We can assist you in the areas of financial consulting, helping you to create solid management strategies, and aiding you to hone your presentation models for the best possible impression. Contact us for more information, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Preparing Your Narrative When Raising Capital

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