Research Reports

Market Research – Used Car Market: Dealerships vs. Private

To provide the proportion of used cars that are sold via private transactions (client-to-client) vs. licensed dealerships in the United States.

Market Research – Global Market Size Certified Therapists

To provide the global market size for certified therapists.

Market Research – Debit Card & Bitcoin in MENA

Provided research on three trends surrounding debit cards in the Middle East and three insights surrounding the adoption of bitcoin as an asset in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Market Research – Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis

To provide an in-depth market analysis of commercial real estate in the US. Specifically, this analysis is based on the commercial real estate type – apartment/multifamily, purpose -acquisition or disposition, deal range of $ 1 million to $20 million, cap rate – between 5% to 10%, and the number of units – more than 20. This will also include the total number of transactions and the total volume of transactions in USD.

Industry Research – email [esp] and SMS marketing platforms

SMS marketing sees a much higher open rate, a much higher response rate, and a faster customer response time than email marketing. Customers open 98 percent of SMS messages, contrasted against customers opening only 20 percent of emails.

Industry Research – Residential Real Estate Buyers & Sellers [CA & CO]

The number of homes sold in California in January 2019 was 357,730 units. In addition, by January 2019, a total of 116,942 units were sold in Colorado. Also, the estimated represented home sales in California was 336,266 units while the estimated represented home sales in Colorado was 100,570 units.

Market Research – Mop Industry

Available data has been utilized to pull together key findings based on a Nielsen Global Home CarenReport from 2016, as well as supplementary reports and statistics detailing the total market size of the global manual cleaning products market. Brooms, mops, and rags are the most frequently used residential cleaning tools globally, at a rate of 68%, 65%, and 62%.

Market Research – US Shoe Market

This report provides a deep dive into the current landscape of the largest show retailers in the US and as well as the mechanics and economics of those businesses.

Market Research – Sleep Therapies

About 9 million Americans and 2.77% of the population uses pharmaceuticals to combat difficulties with sleep. Around 21.46 million individuals in the United States and 6.6% of the population uses tech devices to assist them with sleep troubles. In addition, 10.335 million and about 3.18% of the United States population uses sleep therapy to fight sleep difficulties.

Industry Research – Luxury Watch Past, Present, and Projected Size

The current global market size value of the luxury watches industry is $47,646.9 million. Its value was $22,554.7 million in 2009 and it is forecast to reach $53.2 billion by 2023.

Market Research – Investment in the Transportation Industry

The estimated average size of Series A investments in the rail transportation sector across US and Canada is $9.8 million. The estimated average size of Series A investments in the general transportation sector across US and Canada is $4.8 M and average size of Series B investments across the general transportation sector is $15.7 million.

Market Research – Politically Active Adults [International]

Based on voter turnout, stakeholder engagement for developing regulation, political participation, and civic engagement, the five first world democratic countries with the highest levels of advocacy action among adult voters are the UK, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Estonia.

Best Practices – Real Estate Development Capital Raising

J. Jeffers & Co. and The Related Companies are two examples of real estate developers that successfully raised significant capital. J. Jeffers & Co. raised $14 million in capital through crowdfunding in a single day for the Huron Building. The Related Companies raised $1.2 billion of its financing using the EB-5 program for the Hudson Yard.

Market Overview – On-Demand Concierge Services

This report contains a listing of several on-demand concierge services and details about each of their respective businesses and economics.

Best Practices – Lead Generation

For better ROI from a lead generation campaign, a marketing consultancy should first define the target audience, use live chats, and create interactive content. The report is a detailed overview of the best practices.

Market Research – US Property and Casualty (Insurance)

The US market size for the P&C insurance industry in 2017 is $552.6 billion. A report by Property Casualty Insurers estimates that the net written premiums for P&C insurance was $552.6 billion in 2017. This was an increase from $528.3 billion in 2016.

Market Research – Credit Tenant Lease (CTL)

The total number of CTL loans was an estimated 106 in 2013, 117 in 2014, 143 in 2015, 120 in 2016, and 125 in 2017. The total volume of these loans was $2.13 billion in 2013, $2.34 billion in 2014, $2.87 billion in 2015, $2.41 billion in 2016, and $2.5 billion in 2017.

Coronavirus [COVID-19] – Global Economic Impact

China is now a much bigger player in the global economy. In 2002, China was the sixth largest economy in the world; in 2020, it’s the second-largest. Today, what happens to China’s economy has a larger effect on the rest of the world. A pandemic could potentially result in an average annual economic loss of 0.7% of global GDP, or $570 billion, according to this report.

Coronavirus [COVID-19] – Impact on Business Continuity

Business continuity (BC) has become a hot topic in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Businesses are being advised to quickly adjust their plans and processes to maintain operation and ensure rapid recovery.

Profiting from the Pandemic – Companies Driving Revenue During COVID-19

Slack Technologies, Zoom Video Communications, Netflix, Lakeland Industries, and Clorox are some companies that have been extremely successful over the last few months and have experienced strong business growth.

Market Research – Annual Return on Luxury Timepieces

To identify information related to the annual % return on luxury watches (defined as those priced at $100,000 or more) over the last 20 years, ideally in the form of a luxury watch price index or the typical % return on luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Audemar Piguet, Richard Millie and Patek Phillipe.

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