Angelica Sirotin


About me

  • In 2018, Angelica Co-Founded Alpine Esports, MN’s and the Midwest’s first major professional Rocket League Esports organization. She spearheaded a community of 5,000+ gamers, running remote and in-person sponsored competitive events. 
  • By gaining a first-mover advantage in esports, Angelica quickly developed and expand the Alpine brand, which in 2020 was acquired at 5X realized return. Her leadership prior to acquisition enabled Alpine to transform into one of the most sought-after, pro-Rocket League esports teams in the U.S and globally.
  • After building and selling her esports company, Angelica leveraged her experience to advise startups, firms and organizations on strategies for capturing value in emerging markets. She has also served as an advisor on esports strategy, including team and investment acquisition negotiations, business plans and organizational policy, strategic partnerships and sponsorships, and revenue streams.
  • Her VC experience includes aiding clients of management consulting firms in creating investor materials, marketing collateral, providing market research, competitive analysis and crafting value propositions.