Michael O’Mara

Real Estate Specialist
New York, NY

About me

  • Michael is a commercial real estate specialist with over 10 years of experience including origination, underwriting, marketing, operational process improvement, and investor relations.
  • Michael’s investment experience began at a distressed debt investment firm, where he was responsible for the construction of financial models to value distressed corporate credit and negotiate the purchase of the debt at a discount.
  • He transitioned into commercial real estate with Paradigm Capital. As the Director of Origination & Underwriting, he created and/or underwrote more than $200MM in transactions and oversaw a 140% increase in capital outlaid during his tenure as compared to 5 years prior. Additionally, he refined the company’s underwriting and due diligence processes; reducing average transactions lead time by 32.5% by designing and implementing a standardized practice.
  • At Watermarc Capital, he expanded his commercial real estate investment experience to include property and non-performing note acquisitions.