5 Reasons You Should Update Your Pitch Deck

If you’re a startup founder, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time perfecting your pitch deck. After all, it’s one of the most important tools in your fundraising arsenal. But what happens once you’ve raised money and your business has started to grow? Your pitch deck needs to evolve along with your company. Here are five reasons why you should regularly update your pitch deck:

1. To keep your story fresh

As your company grows and matures, so does your story. You might have a new mission statement, new customer acquisition channels, or even a new business model. Your pitch deck should reflect these changes and tell your investors the updated story of your company.

You also want to keep your story fresh in the minds of potential investors, even if you’re not actively raising money. If an opportunity comes up unexpectedly, you’ll be glad you have a current pitch deck on hand.

2. To show progress

Your pitch deck is a great way to show investors how far you’ve come since they last invested in your company. Include updated metrics, user growth numbers, and revenue figures to give them a sense of your progress.

If you’re a later-stage startup, you might also want to include information about your expansion into new markets or product categories. For example, if you started out as an e-commerce company and have since added a brick-and-mortar component, that’s definitely worth highlighting in your pitch deck.

3. To communicate changes in your team

As your company grows, so does your team. You might have hired new executives, expanded your marketing or sales teams, or brought on board new advisors.

Investors want to see that you have the right team in place to execute on your vision, so make sure to include information about your team members in your updated pitch deck. You can also use this opportunity to share any changes in the management or ownership structure of your company.

4. To address investor concerns

If you’ve had trouble raising money in the past, it’s likely that investors have raised concerns about your business. Your updated pitch deck is a chance to address those concerns directly and show investors how you’ve addressed them.

For example, if you’re a consumer-facing company and investors have raised concerns about your customer acquisition costs, you can include updated figures in your pitch deck to show that you’ve been able to reduce those costs.

5. To stay top of mind

Even if you’re not actively raising money, it’s important to keep your pitch deck up to date so you can stay top of mind with potential investors. If you have a great quarter or make significant progress on a key metric, make sure to update your deck and send it out to your investors.

You never know when an opportunity will arise, so it’s always best to be prepared.

Remember, your pitch deck is a living document that should be regularly updated as your company grows and changes. By keeping it current, you’ll be better prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they come up.

If you’re ready to update your pitch deck, we can help. Fidelman & Co specializes in fundraising and creating beautiful, impactful pitch decks for startups. Learn more at www.fidelmanco.com, and get in touch with us today at info@fidelmanco.com.

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5 Reasons You Should Update Your Pitch Deck

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