Why Every Startup Needs A Policy & Procedures Manual

In the early days of your startup, you will likely be pulled in one hundred different directions. Even in the midst of these endless tasks set before you, however, it’s vital to take some time and build your policy and procedures manual, codifying the blueprint for the best practices. 

The excitement in never knowing what each day brings can inspire creativity, as you learn what makes your customers tick and how to better position yourselves in the marketplace. And yet, a degree of certainty can benefit your company in myriad ways, taking the guesswork out of decision making and helping to streamline processes. 

Your Culture Will Be Impacted

Every new corporation has a vision for the sort of environment they wish to foster, whether it is traditional, modern, laidback, hard driving, or cerebral. The tone is established in their guidelines and becomes a set of principles for employees to follow. 

This will affect all relationships within the business, a microcosm of the atmosphere you want to cultivate. You can determine which behaviors you deem unacceptable and find ways to encourage that which you want to promote. 

Disciplinary Rules Are Laid Out 

Nobody likes to think about it, but for operations to run smoothly, there need to be systems in place to discourage activities that disrupt productivity and lower morale. Your policies and procedures manual gives room to systematically determine consequences for violations in ways that are fair and appropriate to the situation. 

These typically will escalate based on continued infraction, leading up to suspension with or without pay and or termination. Your HR department, if you have one, can make informed decisions based on the steps you have laid out, ensuring equitable treatment across the board. 

Saves Money

The old adage time is money still rings true, and in your startup, financial grounding is often lacking. The best way to combat a shortage of funds is to streamline your functions so that your employees can work as efficiently as possible. This will result in a routine that your team will come to appreciate, as they come to rely on a stable framework to launch from but that still gives them the flexibility to try and test new ideas. Fidelman and Co. offers consulting services to help you strategically organize your day-to-day operations.

You’ll be able to identify where you’re able to run more quickly and can reward staff for meeting goals you lay out as standards. It is also a common practice to base salary increases around adherence to these metrics. In addition, you’ll be able to compare progress from month to month and more easily sort out problems using the data you collect. 

Outlines Plan Of Attack In Crisis

Prevention is the best medicine, and the way you can stave off disaster in your startup is through preparation. In your policies and procedures manual as in your business plan, you can work through scenarios and detail how you would best like to handle them. Even things like fire drills need to be mapped out so that people know where they are to meet and who is to oversee reentry into the building. You can plot out the various aspects of your company and the diverse challenges you may face. 

Creative startup solutions help put the power back in the hands of those who must be trusted to navigate through obstacles by giving them the tools they need to succeed. You can give as little or as much information as you want, tailoring your approach to the overall needs of your crew and objectives. By using forethought, research, and diligence in crafting your materials, you can also reduce the time spent hiring new recruits and training them and can achieve the workplace you desire for your entire labor force.

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Why Every Startup Needs A Policy & Procedures Manual

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