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Fidelman & Company helps founders and funds raise capital, prepare for the sale of a business, or acquire a company. We prepare the pitch deck, financial model, valuation analysis, business plan, due diligence documents, and everything else needed for a transaction. The Fundraise as a Service (FaaS) is our answer to the lack of venture banking – a dedicated IR rep on your team that gets you meetings with investors.

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Specializing in fundraising for early to mid-stage companies and new funds.

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From custom-built and designed pitch decks to in-depth research reports, Fidelman & Co. works with each client to come up with a unique solution that increases their transaction’s chances of success. Every research report comes with sourced information to substantiate any claims made in the presentation and financial projections.


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Streamline your fundraising strategy with our FaaS offering. Our seasoned experts orchestrate targeted lead generation, multi-channel drip campaigns, and personalized outreach via emails and strategic investor calls. Leverage our expertise and network to connect with the right investors, ensuring your fundraising journey is successful.

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As an external advisor Fidelman dived deep into our product offering to better understand the value the Cavewire software offers its clients. Fidelman played a key role in helping us value our company the Cave Group, working with our board to model the market opportunity.

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Ryan - Founder, Cavewire
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Fidelman built a VERY robust cash flow model that enabled us to identify pitfalls in our expense ratios, test the elasticity of our revenue curve, and hone in on our break-even point. It took into account multiple factors such as the annual ebb and flow of real estate sales cycle, various ramp-up scenarios, and the tipping point at which critical market adoption would occur.

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Michael - Sr Account Manager, Fannie Mae
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Fidelman is an extraordinary resource for new business founders that quickly grasped all aspects of the FreeRoots platform and worked with us to build a financial model that fully reflected them. The cap table and pitch deck Fidelman also helped us construct have earned rave reviews from just about everyone who's seen them.

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Eric - Co-Founder, FreeRoots
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Fidelman was able to quickly intake and appreciate what we were doing, offer insight and suggestions and help transform our financials into value for our investors.

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Doug - CEO, Sidekick
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Fidelman and the team brings the know-how, experience, commitment, consideration, and empathy exactly when we needed for what we needed the most in a surgical manner.

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Ken - Kindwell (fka HKF Technologies)