4 Essential Steps To Building A Scalable Company Foundation

March 4, 2021

Sustainability is the key to any business, and part of this is ensuring that your growth can be structured with the necessary supports to ensure longevity. You need to take inventory of the ways in which your company generates revenue and calculate the cost of growth. 

In addition, it is vital to find areas where your resources can be conserved and still produce viable streams of income, and the best way to do this is to build in methods whereby a little can be scaled into much more. A variety of ways are available to the savvy startup, such as creating products that can be digitally delivered, produced once, and sold over and over again. Diversification is vital as is finding wholesales and retailers who can provide low prices to help you manufacture bulk goods. 


One key to scaling is cutting down on processes. This means trimming the fat in terms of procedural steps and becoming as efficient as possible. You will need to carefully observe the manner in which business is conducted to see where operations can become more streamlined. 

A training program is essential to help employees learn standards for work, and a handbook is also crucial for helping workers adopt a uniform pattern of productivity. You will want to develop protocol for onboarding clients, handling complaints and refunds, and filing information. Leaving nothing up to guesswork to save the maximum time and human resources. 

Finding The Necessary Support

When your corporation experiences a boom and you are suddenly in greater demand, do not neglect to put the proper people in place to help carry your firm to corporate success. You may not necessarily need to hire out all the help you will need but can locate competent contractors with whom you can work and agencies to source reliable professionals. 

In addition, it’s important to form close partnerships with accountants, lawyers, and other businesspeople who can render quick assistance when you need it. By eliminating the need to scramble when you are in a pinch, your startup can continue unimpeded when unforeseen events occur. Fidelman and Co. can give you valuable insight for planning this stage of your rise. 

Don’t Skimp On Technology

The software you choose will make or break your ability to fulfill orders, keep track of your client database, and get paid. You will need a system that is tailored to suit your needs and that can expand to meet the demands of future growth. You may decide you wish to have a program created specifically for you that runs on a closed network.

In addition to this, there are many options that help manage workflow and task assignments. This is important especially when your team is remote and needs access to what other members are doing. It can provide a means of tracking progress while also allowing people to communicate with one another. Filing and record keeping will be a substantial part of keeping things running smoothly and making sure your finances are in order. 

Study Your Niche

Before you enter into the big leagues and become front and center with major competitors, you will want to be clear on the ways in which you stand out from the rest. Answer the questions that are integral to determining your place in the market so that you can concisely craft marketing materials, logos, and messaging that reflects your why. 

Anticipate arriving on the scene, and create a consistent presence branded according to your company values and offering. Research the ways in which you are different and are able to fill a need the others do not. Be sure to present your enterprise as the logical choice to continue to source clients as you establish a presence in the wider world.

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