Josh Taylor

Philadelphia, PA

About me

  • Josh is a business analyst who has worked in the Venture Capital industry for 4 years with experience as both an analyst and co-founder of a fintech startup. Josh is known for his energy and lateral thinking, and has experience in lower market and emerging growth financial technology-focused companies in Africa and the Americas. 
  • He spent his first year out of college working as an analyst for Rocket One Capital in Miami, where he helped secure funding for a blockchain-based property company in the UK.
  • He then joined Software Group, a Fintech company, working as a revenue analyst providing solutions to the negative P/L the company was running on projects. He then transitioned to  working for CT International, an South African investment firm which focuses on trade finance & factoring.
  • Josh has spent time living in different countries, and enjoys the different cultures and economic opportunities that emerging markets and first world economies offer. Passionate about sports and hiking, and the outdoors. He travels back and forth to South Africa, his birthplace.