The Best CRM and Lead Generation Practices for Startups

May 6, 2021

Your customers are your company’s lifeblood, and as such, the ways in which you cultivate these vital relationships is key to your financial modeling approach. To properly structure a company, you must incorporate a sustainable means of organization strategy that factors in the human element. A vital piece of human capital management includes assigning your most highly skilled people to this task to increase overall operational value. 

Nurture Your Base

It is well known that clients do not always become buyers on your first approach. It has been said that a potential consumer needs to come into contact with your marketing materials an average of 7 times before they will make a purchase. This means that, if it applies, you may craft email sequences that continue to take care of any needs your readers may have and that you make sure to keep them abreast of items of interest by sending them, for example, your monthly newsletter. 

You want to make sure that every time a person has dealings with your establishment that it is pleasant and memorable. This takes a concerted effort, but a consistent approach will lead those with whom you wish to develop rapport to believe you are dependable, constant, and reliable, making them open to doing business with you. 

Deliver High Value

Much of what you offer initially will not return to you in the form of revenue. You may find that you produce content that answers questions people often ask about the field in which you are knowledgeable as part of your online presence. While at first, it may seem that there is significant outlay to this endeavor, those who tune in will find you a trustworthy provider of solutions to their problems. 

When your output is continually of good quality, it sends the message that you are conscientious and willing to work diligently to produce an outcome. It is better to create with less frequency if it means you deliver superior results. Make sure to put a premium on your output, knowing your brand and name is represented in everything that you do. 


A variety of offerings can be given to those from whom you wish to receive an email address that are free of cost and which will solve an immediate pain point your client avatar faces. Persistence pays in the development of relevant e-books, seminars, courtesy coaching calls or whatever else you are giving in exchange for contact info. 

This helps lay the foundation in developing your leads, as you are presenting yourself as helpful and willing to dispense advice. You may even develop a series of videos or other materials that will lead them to wish to continue receiving the support that you provide at a cost and converting them into a paying customer. 

Software And Support

A great deal of options exist that can help you with your software needs to track your interactions with your client base. Fidelman and Co. can provide oversight in this area and more, such as advising startups in the areas of determining what is risk management, efficiency ratio, and merger and acquisitions. 

Technology consulting firms can tailor your customer relation management tracking tools to best suit your needs, and it is essential to have a way to take notes based on conversations, calls, orders, returns, complaints, or feedback in a way that is easily accessible, searchable, and well organized. This date will be integral to assisting you in sorting out patterns that show up within your operations. Showing your clientele that you are attentive to them will help create leads and is the main goal of your CRM strategy.

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