The Importance of A/B Testing Sales Campaigns

April 8, 2021

Your bottom line is affected by your marketing efforts, and these provide your firm with ample opportunity to learn about your target audience. Presentation is often key when creating your materials, and slight differences can have major effects. Your split tests allow you to make sure you direct your marketing dollars to only that which will be the most effective. You can receive highly specific information obtainable in no other way, allowing you to engineer superior results.

Tracking Conversions

Ultimately, you are seeking clients who will purchase from your company. Your sales pages will have many components that can affect how likely people are to buy from you. If you drip emails in anticipation of your launch, this adds another lay to your approach to be examined. Your copy, graphics, wording, and color palate can be tested for their effect on the buying public by including or removing only that piece and analyzing the results. 

A cheaper ad will be one that best affects those who you are trying to influence to do business with you. This is because you will no longer waste money on materials that miss the mark, increasing your ROI or return on investment. You can strategically retarget individuals who show interest, and you can develop a proven template that works and can be reengineered, saving you time in the long run. 

Developing A Positive User Experience

Your customer base is not made up of numbers on a screen but is actually comprised of unique individuals who interact with your company. You need to build a rapport with them, and this is sometimes achieved over time with repeated engagement. By choosing the messaging in a way that directly speaks to your ideal avatar, you can encourage them to show their support through likes, comments, and shares online. 

User behavior will give you more analytics to pore over until you can hone your knowledge of their likes and dislikes to a laser focus. The more data you have, the more informed your approach can be to crafting your next ad sets and sales pages. In addition, you can establish trust and gain credibility in the marketplace. 

Improve Your Bounce Rates

It is integral to the health of your website that you keep readers interested in your content. The best way to do this is to post compelling and helpful copy that will provide people with comprehensive information on the topic in which you specialize. 

Testing allows you to study what people are most captivated by, and this can be further capitalized on by adding links that segue into similar subjects. It’s vital to give consumers ways to find solutions to their problems through the use of your products and services, and you can experiment with different models of presentation. Placement is often very important as is the use of popups and the timing of their appearance. Figure out when people are most responsive to your pitches. 

You Can Test For A Variety Of Metrics

Sales campaigns are the end goal, but these generally included steps like collecting email addresses and sending newsletters to subscribers prior to your first attempts to land a sale. When you’re courting people and want to collect emails in exchange for a freebie, for example, you can do trials to see which approach works the best. 

Fidelman and Co. provides startups with oversight regarding best practices for obtaining the stats that will help inform your future efforts in marketing. Your goal is to collect intel regarding a variety of digital differences, too, like mobile versus laptop use, use of colors, and even the size of the buttons you use. Not only will your revenue increase, but your impact will deepen, as your client base looks to you as a leader in the industry, enabling you to positively influence others and make a difference in the greater community.

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