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How We Helped a Fortune 500 Company Expand Its Bandwidth

Outsourcing an expert underwriting and analysis team can help you free up bandwidth and focus on your core business. It’s important to focus on your core competencies and leave the rest to experienced professionals.

Working with a boutique firm like Fidelman & Co who knows your industry enables you to get the personalized service you need.

How We Helped Wyre Complete The Largest Sale In Crypto To Bolt For $1.5Bn.

Outsourcing a firm like Fidelman & Co. can help you develop a financial model that meets your needs, especially if you are in a complex industry like cryptocurrency.

Without a transparent and simple financial model, it can be difficult to track KPIs – something that is essential for any business.

How We Helped Stoggles Raise Over $60 Million in Capital

Outsourcing the development of your fundraising materials to an expert firm like Fidelman & Co can give you the edge you need to secure funding from top investors.

A well-crafted pitch deck, financial model, valuation analysis and capital structure are essential for any successful fundraising campaign.

How we helped CEG build their financial model then identify and acquire a complementary business.

Working with an expert M&A firm like Fidelman & Co can help you identify the right target companies and negotiate the best possible deal.

Outsourcing the development of your financial models and business advisory services can save you time and help you make better decisions for your company.

Fidelman & Company’s Expertise in Capital Investor Presentation, Financial Modeling, Valuation and Business Advisory prepared Instalend, a real estate debt crowdfunding platform, with a strong foundation to raise their Series A funding round.

Fidelman & Company’s Expertise in Capital Investor Presentation, Financial Modeling, and Business Advisory sets Sidekick, a cloud-based marketplace for SAAS products and resources, up for success in the market and with investors.

Fidelman & Company’s expertise in Management Consulting, Strategy, and Operations, successfully established CFC Insurance, providing advisory from licensing, business development, to the ultimate sale.

Fidelman & Company’s Expertise in Financial Modeling, Valuation and Market Research aided OOVA.life, a tech-enabled ovulation monitor, to raise their Seed funding round.